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Dott. Carlo Hruby



Born in Milan in 1964 and graduated with a degree in law, since 1991 Carlo Hruby has been the managing director of HESA S.p.A., a leading company in the sector of electronic security, established by his father Enzo Hruby in 1974. In 1990 he established DIAS, which today is an important business undertaking in anti-intrusion security in Italy and a reference point for the most qualified companies that distribute professional security products and systems.

Married to Marcella and father of two daughters and a son, in 2007 he established the Fondazione Enzo Hruby, taking the office of vice president and becoming the operations supervisor of this new company created to spread the culture of security and to contribute to the protection of Italian cultural heritage. The Fondazione Enzo Hruby takes on the duties of placing in security buildings, assets and works of particular cultural value through systems of anti-intrusion, video-surveillance and anti-fire. Once the projects to sustain have been chosen, the most qualified companies for installation and preparation of the projects and their realisation are assigned. Furthermore to achieve institutional aims he promotes the realisation of studies, research, seminars, conferences and publications on the topics of security and the optimal use of available technologies.

In December 2016, with his family, he established the Associazione Culturale Musica con le Ali (Cultural Association Music With wings) of which he is the current president. The choice of creating an association, which supports young best Italian musicians in their professional growth arises as a continuation of the Fondazione Hruby experience which, in the protection of various places of culture has often collaborated with young musicians who have played to enhance and promote the beauty of our artistic patrimony.

Musica con le Ali is a non-profit cultural association which promote talented young Italian musicians, carefully selected on the basis of their formation and their musical gift, helping them, supporting them and promoting them to favour their affirmation in the world of classical music. A fundamental part is also the concerts, festivals and musical reviews that the Musica con le Ali Association organises as a moment of professional growth and above all as an occasion for visibility and opportunity to enhance artistic capabilities. The concerts are always organised in places of great merit and importance for their aesthetic, historic and cultural value; they are preceded by intense promotional work and supported with communication focused on the young protagonists and on their talent.

On the 3rd of May 2017 he was appointed president of the Venice Music Master, the music festival and courses of High Musical Perfection aimed at young musicians, soloists, concert players and teachers, taking place in Venice at the prestigious La Fenice Theatre and the Ugo and Olga Levi Non Profit Foundation. Established in 2015 by will of the Venice Institute of Art&Music Cultural Association under the artistic direction of the violinist of the La Fenice Theatre orchestra Anna Trentin, in a short time there was an expansion of the choice of courses and the offer of concerts, of very high artistic quality and carried out in frameworks of great prestige. Among the success factors of this project are the choice of the Venice context, historical place of musical studies, the collaboration and support of the local operators and the excellent team of the docents invited.